Back to the real world!

I’m working on the next newsletter, and I’ve been slack with all of the business of the last couple of months.

The good news is Book 2 is making its way through the test reviews.  For a taste, Rick Gualtieri posted a challenge this morning on Facebook.  Here is the little snipped I posted in response:

MY MIND REELED at the revelation. I had only met Betty and Dick briefly once in LA. In fact, it was just as a fight broke out in a little café with a group of Fomorians, a couple of starlet woodland elves, and a mating pair of geeky werewolves on their honeymoon. I introduced myself just long enough to escort them out of the combat zone to the safety of Longbow Initiative forces.
Hip-hop had gotten up and stood beside me. He asked, “Are you staying for dinner after the show?”
I said, “I doubt it. Long drive ahead and all.”
Hip-hop snickered. “I wouldn’t recommend it anyway. I’m not sure who the meatloaf is made of.”





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