What happened to the Discovery Channel?

This has really nothing to do with anything, other than I watched a little bit of Shark Week last night. I used to be a Discovery Channel junkie, but that’s been a long time ago.

Now, I remember why I quit watching.

The couple of minutes I watched in and out were more qualified to be another crappy reality show, more about bad teenage drama than something that focused on the environment, the nature of, the behaviors, the knowns, the unknowns, or the purpose of the ‘documentary.’

And now they are adding another Mocumentary into the mix. I saw one ad, and it was enough for me to cut off #sharkweek. It looked like it was more a primmer to become Sharknado 3, and it was too poorly done even for Syfy, so it got re-purposed to the once famed and highly anticipated week of the year dedicated to apex predators that kill far fewer people than bees, cows (mad or otherwise), deer, or even hedgehogs. (I may be taking a guess at that last one.)

I weep that pretty much any program on the educational channels (Discovery, History, etc. – I can’t include the Learning Channel since it has become nothing but the bridezilla network) might on a good day have 5 minutes of actual valuable, interesting, or otherwise informative material per hour, and half of that are in the ads.

I hope for the death of reality TV, but I really have no expectation, but it’s cheap comparatively, it doesn’t take much work on the behalf of scriptwriters. I’ll save my reality TV rant for another day.

To save your brain, I implore you go outside, read, or bang yourself in the head with a hammer.

See y’all at Dragon*Con 2014 in a few weeks. If you happen to be there, watch the site and twitter for a few surprises, including news on the initial reviews for Book 2.



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