Not a rant, just a little amused…

In my old age, I’ve really tried not to go on useless rants, but it still happens occasionally. Instead, I look for the humor where I can.  Happily enough, the paperbacks for book 1 came out about 2 weeks ago.  3 days after it came online, I noticed something.  Available new on Amazon for X, and 1 Used for about double the price.

Well, huh. Now I’ve bought my fair share of used copies of books over the years, usually if I was looking for a specific edition, or it’s something out of print. But 2 days after the paperback is released they have one in GOOD condition? I haven’t even had time to sign it to drop the value at this point. (And if you want a signed copy, let me know. I’ve got a few around here.)

So you can get a new copy from Amazon for 9.89, or a ‘used’ copy in ‘GOOD’ condition for $17.46 + $3.99 for shipping.  All the day after the paperbacks hit the market.

Soooooo…… If you are so inclined as to separate yourself from $21.45 for a used copy, drop me an e-mail.  I’ll be happy to scribble in it, set a drink on it, and do anything else you like to have it in a pre-used condition.

Or if you want one new with my chicken scratch to drop the value, drop me an e-mail. I promise not to abuse it any more than requested.

#amwriting #usedbooks #facepalm



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