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Not a rant, just a little amused…

In my old age, I’ve really tried not to go on useless rants, but it still happens occasionally. Instead, I look for the humor where I can.  Happily enough, the paperbacks for book 1 came out about 2 weeks ago.  3 days after it came online, I noticed something.  Available new on Amazon for X, and 1 Used for about double the price.

Well, huh. Now I’ve bought my fair share of used copies of books over the years, usually if I was looking for a specific edition, or it’s something out of print. But 2 days after the paperback is released they have one in GOOD condition? I haven’t even had time to sign it to drop the value at this point. (And if you want a signed copy, let me know. I’ve got a few around here.)

So you can get a new copy from Amazon for 9.89, or a ‘used’ copy in ‘GOOD’ condition for $17.46 + $3.99 for shipping.  All the day after the paperbacks hit the market.

Soooooo…… If you are so inclined as to separate yourself from $21.45 for a used copy, drop me an e-mail.  I’ll be happy to scribble in it, set a drink on it, and do anything else you like to have it in a pre-used condition.

Or if you want one new with my chicken scratch to drop the value, drop me an e-mail. I promise not to abuse it any more than requested.

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Back in the real world!

I have paperbacks going well, and signed a few at GMHG over the weekend. My posterior, and probably better side wound up on the news working with the kids.

Another great year on the mountain, weather was good, and its always great to catch up with friends.

If anyone is interested, I have copies here. If you want a signed copy of Book 1, drop me a mail!

Paperbacks are also officially available through Amazon!