Heads down and ducking for cover – it’s almost ready

I’ve been heads down for a few weeks.

Thanks to Ruth and Julie for the heavy editing, and B&H is almost fit for print! How that many typos got past me… It looks like it should be on track for release by the end of the month with the new cover for the second electronic edition, and the paperback.  I’ll publish the release date as soon as the proofs are approved.

And as a teaser, the cover for Mistrials and Tribulations is ready.  The blurb and a sneak preview of the cover will come out in the next newsletter.  Sign up now! It should be off to the peanut gallery for more heavy editing by early July, once rewrite #4 is done.

And for the fun part….

Bruce?  Are you out there? I have a lucky and semi willing victim to be included into book 3, Unbound and Determined.  So Bruce, call me!

(And if you too want to be tormented, contact me and let me know.)

And from the mailbag,

I’ve had a couple of people ask about a variation on a theme, so I’m going to give you a little hint.

To paraphrase, the question is usually something like: So Greyson, sometimes he seems like the goofy teenager who happens to have magical abilities, and other times it’s like he is a driven soldier with lifetimes of experience. What’s the deal?

So shhhh.  Don’t tell anyone.

The answer is yes.  It was intentional.  Read book 2.

Later y’all.



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