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I got a major accomplishment from the giveaway this weekend.  My first hater!

Not that is set aside… Thanks Collins for the re-edit.  Here is the latest for those of you needing humor.

1 – Bound and Hagged has gone through another re-edit, trying to clean up a few more misses.  The Kindle version will be updated by the weekend, for those of you who already have it, and haven’t read it.

2 – The revised cover is ready, and was delivered this morning!  I’ll be sending out a preview to my mailing list whenever I get to it this weekend.  I’ll be updating the Kindle version with the new cover, and this is what the print version will have.  Working with the new cover artist,  Aleksandra Shiga.  Her site is http://www.gorillaconcept.com.  But if you want a hint, check out Twitter and Facebook.

3 – Paperback should be available before the 4th of July.  I will have a limited number available for autograph.

4 – Melvin is bugging me to do a new story from his life with the mythical beasts.  Any stories you want to hear?

5 – ConCarolinas is this weekend!  http://www.concarolinas.net/ I’ll miss most of it, but will have some promo materials around.  If you find one let me know.

And it’s only 91 days to DragonCon.  So much to do.


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