Spring fever… its already summer. And British humor. Yay.

What the hell?

First we survive the plague of the inchworms.  Millions of the little critters.

And yeah, I live in the South.  Spring means its hot during the day, cold at night, and there are a couple of beautiful days in the mean time.  Then Summer starts.  Well, it’s Summer.  Damn.

Don’t get me wrong.  I love summer.  Time to toss boats in the water.  A lot of events going on.  And I give up the little bit I care about TV.

It would just be nice if it eased in, instead of going from seventy to ninety.

In any case, I’ve avoided the box for a week.  Between work, and trying to clean up a few typos in book 1 before it goes to the printers, I’ve been cranking out on book #3.  It’s about halfway done, and I think I’ve fixed the plot problems.

It’s articles like these that strike me funny, and inspire some of the ideas I have.  http://www.telegraph.co.uk/history/10677904/Vikings-brought-sarcastic-sense-of-humour-to-Britain.html

I find it ironic that the dry British wit that brought us Monty Python, The Young Ones, and Fr. Ted can be traced back to Vikings.  Its ideas like this that have always fascinated me.  Typically, we look at the ancient world as small fiefdoms where most people never traveled more than ten miles from home.  Even this can be true in many places in the world today.  I recently read an article about Norwegians who were excited about excited about dating the girls from the next village over, and the new bicycles they had gotten that made the 30 KM trek easier, to let them date outside of their immediate gene pool.  As a species, many of us stick close to home as it were.

Even so, our ancestors, not hundreds, but thousands of years ago traveled the world.  Merchants and raiders regularly rode the superhighways of the oceans.  We exchanged goods, culture, stories.  We also carried our deities, faiths, and ways of life.  That being true, wouldn’t those same deities, personified, have met, had relationships, histories?  Friendships?  Animosities?

I’ve hinted at this in Book 1 of Home Summonings, Bound and Hagged.  Small hint, the entire story arc will swim in that current.  What if you had known your best friends for four thousand years, not four, or forty?  Beings of power, how would that touch us mere mortals?

My point in all of this?  None really.  I like to believe that we mere people have not lost our desire for knowledge, creativity,  adventure.  I think we sometimes forget that history for us was a current day for them.  And in many ways, we have better toys, but we aren’t so different.

Except that we are subjected to ‘reality’ TV.


Happy reading.




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