A war of inches

As I sit here south of Charlotte, we cannot be sure if the rest of the world exists, or if we are all that is left.  The insidious beasts have beset our little town, and yea the region under siege.  Sure, we have seen them come before, but we have managed to beat them back.  This year they come in greater numbers, as if to say this time we shall be victorious.  We shall win over the giant beasts no matter how many of they slaughter.

Am I speaking of zombies?  No!  We might welcome them, as long as they were the slow variety.  Vampires?  Nay.  These beasties roam day and night.

I am speaking of the most insidious of all.  Cankerworms.

These tiny creatures have invaded en-masse.  They spin down and hang from their solitary webs like tiny ninjas, waiting to pounce onto your shoulder as you go by.  they spin Tholian webs around the house covering doors, windows, cars, trees, and shrubberies.

For those who know not of this unspeakable horror, these are… inchworms.  The cute and adorable little buggers that have featured in so many cartons.  Their true form spreads and stripping bare almost anything in sight.

One would have thought our unusually cold winter would have thinned their ranks, but instead it appears only the strong have survived.  And oh how many made it through.  I hit one directly with Sevin Dust.  He snorted it and asked for more.

Okay, melodrama over.  I’m tired of the worms.  Back to work.  Gotta pay the bills.  Gotta write.  Gotta edit.

I need a nap.


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