Mistrials and Tribulations

Book 2 of Home Summonings has been drafted for about a month, and I’m about a third of the way into the draft of book 3, Unbound and Determined.  The process I’m working through is that once I finish Book #3, I’ll re-edit book 2 so that its had a little time to percolate, and to make sure that my own writing still makes sense vs. whatever spewed out of my head the first time.

So I’ve been stuck for about a week on a decision for #3.  Either way I get to the same place (I think) but I’m feeling a little cruel.  I feel like I’m channeling a little George R. R. Martin and wanting a bloodbath.  It serves no useful purpose, other than maybe to get a little frustration out?

The joy of words, and the ability to delete them.

Or maybe it’s just the spring fever.

OK peeps that have read # 1, what do you think?



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