Motivations and musings

I’ve written off and on for most of my life, much of it work related, but I have always loved to read, which then triggers ideas to write.  Most of the fiction I have written in the past was for my own consumption as a tool to work through and process the scenarios I encounter through the day, whether it be for work, or just the things that strike me.

So, stories such as this come out:

When I look at a list like this, I’m first amused that RTP  is on the list, but I know a few people around there that certainly qualify.

More importantly, I see articles like this from WIRED.  I start thinking through about what happened to the library?  What was in there?  What if it suddenly just reappeared?  What would change in our understandings of the world?

And then from April Fools articles, It’s hard to reset the sundial in the mists.

The best part of writing fiction is the ability to take even the most absurd happenings, even in the real media, and play with it.  The good thing is that I have plenty of source material.  Keep contributing to my sick sense of humor people.


3 thoughts on “Motivations and musings

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